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Communications and IT services for any busines size is the core to the productivity of the company. If staff is unable to use the computer applications efficiently, if email server or network servers fails, if support is not received in time, then the performance of the company suffers. E Square provides IT outsourcing services and a full range of supplementary services that meet the technology needs of a business.

IT Outsourcing is popular for small and medium sized companies that want a variable cost model for their business; this is often much better than paying the fixed costs that an in house IT department may bring. Outsourced IT support is a great time-saver, and can greatly benefit companies of any size.

Small business IT Outsourcing Fixed Price Service
Medium & Enterprise business IT Outsourcing Service

Small businesses may find it difficult to afford the cost of hiring peoples for IT support. They also do not have the workload for a full time person.

For Small businesses we offer an all-inclusive service allowing you to have complete visibility of your IT spend, what’s more our service is flexible to allow for fluctuation in staff numbers.

Medium sized businesses can benefit from outsourcing their whole IT department to E Square or just to pick their essential services
Service Summery for Small Busnisess
Unlimited Onsite Call Outs If we are unable to resolve the problem remotely, we’ll arrange an onsite visit by one of our service representatives at no additional charge so you get as much help as you need for support or guidance for any IT query.
Unlimited Remote Support & Helpdesk We are available around the clock which is particularly useful for our clients that have staff located in distributed branches. Our Helpdesk takes ownership of all problems until they are resolved, even if the problem is related to third party provider
Proactive PC & Server management We manage all your servers and PC’s/laptops around the clock utilizing best of the breed management software, this includes the management and deployment of Microsoft security updates and service packs to all your PCs & Servers.
PC & Laptop installs free of charge From time to time you will want to buy new PC’s, laptops printers for your staff. E Square has one-time-shope with free installation, so long as you buy the equipment from us.
Service Management Your service manager will meet you when required, discuss any issues or needs and ensure the day to day service is running smoothly. Our account managers will recommend the best and appropriate solutions for your business
Comprehensive service start-up We place particular attention to the transition of your service over to us. We invest heavily at the start of a service to ensure the fully understand of your environment and aim to address any IT problems you currently have.
Service Summery for Medium and Enterprises Business
Helpdesk Providing a single point of contact for any technology or application problem that end-users suffer, Staff can telephone or email their issue through to our team, who record the issue on our ticketing system and speedily allocates to the service technicians who will resolve the query. We can provide optional 24x7 cover, worldwide if required.
Deskside assistance There will be times when face to face support is needed. Depending on the size of your company, and at times culture, we have people based at your premises full-time, part-time or just occasionally when you need on-site support. Our people are personable and trained to a high level, both technically and with our unique customer service skills.
UC Platforms  and Call Centers Managment
IP telephony environments are made up of hardware components and communications Applications. We Support the entire IP telephony system ensuring that you gain the most benefit from your IPT environment. We ensures that critical IPT systems are available so that you can continue to gain maximum value and benefit out of these complex collaboration environments.
Proactive PC & Server management We manage all your servers and PC’s/laptops around the clock utilizing best of the breed management software, this includes the management and deployment of Microsoft security updates and service packs to all your PCs & Servers.
Firewall management Security of your computers and network servers is essential. Your Internet connection is an open door for threats from the internet if not properly secured. ESFM is a firewall managed service that includes the supply, installation and management of a firewall that will keep your data secure and network in a healthy state.
Application development & database support Our team supports all Microsoft Applications, so we can help with any queries your end-users may have. We are not here just to fix problems; we answer a whole manner of queries. We also manage and provide SQL Server & Access database support for our clients. Many lines of business applications use SQL Server, such as accounting, sales orders and customer relationship applications. E Square takes responsibility for database management for your critical business databases;
The benefits of Outsourcing your IT to E Square
Access to a wide range of skills
One person or a small team is unlikely to have the skills for every eventuality that they will come across – at E Square we have access to a wide range of skills and practical experience in all areas of Information Technology.
Resources on demand
At times you need more resources. We can provide additional resources to cater for unexpected events or peak workloads.
Improved service levels
Our outsourcing service provides your organisation with extended service hours – we can provide 24/7 support, 365 days of the year.
Service driven approach
At E Square we are totally service driven, our ethos is built around placing the customer first, listening to their needs and developing services to improve their performance.
Holiday & Sickness cover
Hiring a single ICT support person means that you have no holiday or sickness cover – outsourcing provides this cover all year round.
Predictable IT expenditure
E Square can provide your business with an all-inclusive service package, if you have suffered from adhoc billing in the past, transitioning over to E Square will provide your organisation with full visibility as to what IT support will cost over the year.