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Recent surveys show that 50% of sales workers are working away from the office, part of an ever-growing trend to mobility. Clearly, mobile communications today is not an option – it is an absolute necessity for an organization that wants to be competitive and needs to keep employees connected and productive. That challenge is to create a seamless and secure user experience so that employees, customers, decision makers, colleagues, and suppliers can all stay in touch and working at peak efficiency anytime, anywhere.
With E Square experts help, your company can:-

  1. Keep its workers connected with customers, partners, and colleagues regardless of where they are or what device they are using.
  2. Increase your workers` productivity by providing them a consistent user interface regardless of their location and enable flexible deployment of features and tools to the user’s choice of devices.
  3. Improve accessibility and ease of use with transparent one number reach.
  4. Maintain business continuity by enabling users to seamlessly move between mobile, landline, cellular, and WiFI networks, decrease telecom costs – and reduce mobile plan overages and roaming charges for users by leveraging the corporate VoIP or PBX for call routing.
  5. Enhance customer satisfaction by enabling faster response and service delivery and securely bridge the gap between untrusted networks and your network.
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