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FFQA system is not a regular freight forwarder application as it does not only aim to archive the main information of the shipping operations but its main concern is to control and monitor each shipment in order to ensure the consistency and accuracy of workflow. This is done by a fully automated flow-chart framework which guarantee the execution of a complete and comprehensive processes - manual - on each operation. In a brief it is a "Freight Forwarding Quality Assurance system".
Key Benefits
  1. Provides work standardization and automation functions.
  2. Drive better, faster decision-making with real-time data.
  3. Improve workforce productivity with anytime, anywhere access.
  4. Streamlining processes and workflows with a single integrated system.
  5. Leave a professional impact at your customers
Key Features
  1. Fully automated flow-chart framework.
  2. Fully integration with MS Outlook.
  3. Supports export of all reports to other format exl, doc, pdf, etc
  4. Complete user security control level features.
  5. Ability to control the position of workflow process