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Companies invest large sums of money in their call centers so they want to make sure that they are operating as effectively as possible and that the customers are satisfied with the speed and quality of the service they receive. This is done through quality monitoring of the call centers and their employees.

Call center managers can monitor call centers with respect to performance and to quality using a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that support their organizations’ business objectives. These indicators may cover performance issues such as how quickly the caller can reach a call center and how quickly they can reach an agent, how quickly their issue can be resolved and the call closed, and how long they wait on hold during a call.

Through E square long term expert, we can provide you with a proven call center quality management to:

  • Harness the Voice of Your Customer
  • Securely capture, analyze, and store customer interactions to identify service excellence and areas of improvement, all while adhering to PCI compliance and regulatory requirements.

  • Anticipate Contact Volumes
  • Analyze historical data to forecast your future transaction volume and handle times. Automatically produce schedules to deploy the right agents with the appropriate skills at the right time.

  • Enable Agents to be More Successful
  • Improve your agents’ performance with automated coaching, e-learning, and scoreboard assessments to transfer knowledge and best practices.

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